Friday Feature with Trinity's Jagger Riefler

Friday Feature with Trinity's Jagger Riefler

The NESCAC is brimming with talented student-athletes, and the "Friday Feature" is a way for fans to get to know them throughout the academic year. This week, the conference introduces Jagger Riefler, a senior tri-captain for the Trinity men's tennis team. He has been involved in several extracurricular activities beyond athletics to help him prepare for his professional career in business following graduation from Trinity.

Jagger Riefler Jagger Riefler, Trinity
Senior, Men's Tennis
Wimbledon, England/The Taft School
Major: Economics

Why did you choose to attend your institution?
I was lucky enough to be accepted to Trinity and I applied early decision for a few reasons. I had a couple of close ties to Trinity through my high school coach having a relationship with the Trinity coach and my cousin being on the tennis team as well. Additionally, Trinity has a great alumni network and that was a big factor for me when I was looking at schools.

What extracurricular activities do you participate in?
When I came to Trinity, I wanted to involve myself in different areas around campus outside of athletics. I am a member of Alpha Delta Phi and served as president of the fraternity for a year. I am also the real estate sector head of the Trinity Investment Club. These experiences have allowed me to meet a diverse group of students around campus.

What has been the greatest part of your college experience so far?
The greatest part of my college experience is the friends I have made over my four years at Trinity. The people here are awesome and have such difference life experiences. They are life-long friends and I wouldn't be the same person without them.

Who is your favorite professor? Why?
My favorite professor at Trinity is Professor Stillwagon. He is my advisor and I have taken every class he offers at the school. What separates him, in my opinion, is how well he can explain the complex material we cover. He is always going out of his way to make sure he is available for extra help outside of office hours and genuinely wants to help his students and see them succeed.

What internships/research projects have you participated in? What did you learn from those experiences?
This past summer I was a corporate finance intern at Phillips Edison & Company, which is a commercial real estate company. The company is based in Cincinnati, so I was forced to go outside my comfort zone and spend the summer somewhere that I had never been. I learned a lot from just being in a new and different environment. I feel that I really grew as a person by trying something that I wasn't completely comfortable with.

What has been the most interesting part of your major?
The most interesting part of my major is the College Federal Reserve Challenge that I was selected to participate in this fall. A seven person team created a presentation for a monetary policy recommendation that we presented at the Federal Reserve in Boston. We were a finalist in the competition. It was a great experience because I was able to apply what I learned in different classes I had taken and use my knowledge in a real life situation.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned from being a student-athlete?
The greatest lesson I have learned from being a student-athlete, cliché as it sounds, is time management. Practice times often are at inconvenient times, especially when we can't play outside. It has forced me to be very diligent and plan ahead for upcoming assignments. This is an invaluable lesson that that will help me in any endeavor going forward.