Trinity Women's Lacrosse Welcomes Two New Members Through Team IMPACT

Trinity Women's Lacrosse Welcomes Two New Members Through Team IMPACT

Courtesy of Trinity Sports Information

HARTFORD, Conn. - Last Wednesday, the Trinity women's lacrosse team welcomed two new members to the team this season, as 14-year-old Shyanne and her nine-year-old sister, Zaylee, from East Hartford, Connecticut were added to the roster in a ceremony after practice.  

When Shyanne was 8-months-old, she was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease. For a majority of her life, she has been on dialysis due to antibiotics she was on at a young age. Shyanne, who attends the American School for the Deaf, and Zaylee will attend some practices and stand on the sideline with the Bantams during home games.

Trinity women's lacrosse has a seven-member "leadership team" which is in consistent communication with Shyanne and Zaylee and also act as the "liaisons" between the team and Shyanne. They coordinate activities, plan team outings and ensure that Shyanne and Zaylee feel welcome at all times. 

"I am thrilled to welcome Shyanne as a member of our team," said Trinity head coach Katy Dissinger. "She is a wonderful reminder that no matter what someone goes through they can still have an appreciation and love of life. Her spirit and energy is contagious and I hope she can find a solid foundation of friendship with our team." 

Player Testimonials

Ashley Stewart '16 and Emily Mooney '16
"Working with Team IMPACT is extremely motivating and inspiring, and working with Shyanne, who is bright, funny, and extremely positive, motivates not only me, but also the team, to dig a little deeper, and fight a little harder. We are so fortunate to have Shyanne and her sister, Zaylee, join our team because they remind us that each day we are so lucky to be given the chance to compete in college athletics. Also, we are fortunate to share our experiences of team camaraderie with Shyanne and Zaylee and offer their family support. Working with Team IMPACT is an awesome opportunity to not only share these experiences, but also create these really solid, lasting friendships."

"I recommend this experience with Team IMPACT to any college team. It is a great honor to have such an inspiring teammates on our sideline. This small act of supporting and accepting the athlete as a member of our team has a profound impact. Working with Team IMPACT provides us with a new perspective, and the strength and determination of any Team IMPACT athlete, especially Shyanne, is truly inspirational." 

Nicole Stauffer '17
"Team IMPACT is an incredible organization and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to be involved as a team. Drafting Shyanne into the Trinity lacrosse program has inspired me to work even harder on and off the field and has given my teammates and I a new perspective on everyday life. Shyanne now has 31 new teammates and sisters for life."

Georgia Mergner '18
"This has been an incredibly fun and heartwarming experience so far, and I am so excited to continue working with Team IMPACT. Drafting Shyanne and her family into the Trinity family is a truly amazing thing and I am thankful to be a part of this organization." 

Allie Barrett '18
"Making Shyanne as well as her sister, Zaylee, members of the team was an experience that changed all our lives. We had the chance to welcome two incredibly inspiring kids and in return they met 34 new people whom they can call their friends. It is a relationship that I am sincerely excited and honored to have."