A Pledge from Every Williams Team

A Pledge from Every Williams Team

Courtesy of Williams Sports Information

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. - In honor of NCAA Division III Week and the Sexual Assault Awareness Month Day of Action, the Williams College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is displaying a clothesline project on the north face of the Paresky Center.

The clothesline project was unveiled on Tuesday and it is focused on combating sexual assault and raising awareness for victims.

Each of the 32 Williams varsity athletic teams donated a t-shirt to be hung on the clothesline on the facing of the Paresky Center.

SAAC's intent was to inform the community that "We Stand United Against Sexual Assault." The Williams SAAC hopes the project is seen as a testimony to the problems around sexual assault. Rape, sexual assault, and sexual misconduct will not be tolerated on our campus and SAAC and the Eph teams have pledged the following:

1. We understand the importance of consent and will communicate to establish consent before and during sexual activity.

2. We will stop conversations that encourage a culture of sexual violence and challenge ourselves not to use language that degrades people of any gender.

3. We will seek to hold people accountable for violence or harassment we witness or experience.

4. We will safely intervene when our friends may be at risk to harm someone or when their judgment is impaired.

5. We will work to build a survivor supportive community through letting our peers know that they are not alone, there is help and support available from their friends and community.

6. We know that sexual assault does not happen because of how someone is dressed, if they were flirting, if they were drinking, and if they consented in the past, and we will speak up when others are minimizing or dismissing someone's experience of sexual assault for these or other reasons.

7. We will acknowledge our influence to shape and maintain healthy communities and relationships by constructing a community where sexual assault is unacceptable.