Andrew Lutz, Tufts University

Andrew Lutz

Andrew Lutz, a 2013 graduate of Tufts University and a former member of the Jumbos’ men’s tennis team, was NESCAC’s nomination for the 2013 NCAA Sportsmanship Award. Helping to set the tone for a new era in Tufts Men’s Tennis, Lutz was a role model on and off the court.

In addition to starting for a Tufts team which earned one of the sixth berths into the conference championship, Lutz was a team leader with his sportsmanship and success off the court.

"I've never seen him call a questionable ball out and I've never seen him not reverse a call immediately if his opponent felt he made a mistake. He has been told on many occasions after a match what a true sport he is by his opponent or another coach," Tufts coach Jaime Kenney said about Lutz.

A four-year starter for the Jumbos, Lutz was an Economics (Pre-Med) major with a grade point average that was one of the best among student-athletes at Tufts. A Phi Beta Kappa member who was very active gaining professional experience and with volunteer work during his college career, Lutz is moving on to the University of Maryland School of Medicine in the fall.

A three-time NESCAC All-Academic team member, Lutz graduated from Tufts this past May with a degree in economics. He was the recipient of Tufts' Karno Dean’s Award and the Lewis Manly Memorial Prize. A member of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, Lutz participated in traveling volunteer programs to Argentina and Morocco. He volunteered for Massachusetts General Hospital weekly, participated in the Healthcare Sector of Tufts Financial Group, and worked in an immunology lab as a Tufts Summer Scholar.

"Tufts had everything I was looking for at the time in a liberal arts school - small, but not too small in size, great academics, an emphasis on interdisciplinary study, and the opportunity to play college tennis," he said. "It has proven to have all of these qualities for me, and then some.

"I really enjoy the diversity and talent within the students here," Lutz continued. "It has been truly humbling to see such a bright student populace that is so talented in athletics and various arts, and cares so much about so many different social justice initiatives. Anywhere I walk on campus, even within my different friend groups, there is such a diverse mix of student focuses and beliefs. It creates an environment where I, as a member of Tufts, am constantly able to learn from my peers, in and out of the classroom."

Lutz will be returning to his home state of Maryland for medical school.

"Although I'm not sure what type of medicine I would like to practice, I am very excited," he said. "From my experiences on service-learning trips abroad through Tufts Hillel, I hope to eventually participate in Doctors Without Borders to give back to foreign communities in need."