Connor Clancy, Football, Colby College

Connor Clancy

Connor Clancy playing center on the Colby College football team made perfect sense -- he was always in the middle of things in his four years at the college.

While Clancy was a two-time All-NESCAC football player, he seemed to be everywhere on campus.

Clancy's greatest gift will keep on giving now that he graduated in May. He created, organized, and led the now annual Colby Football Youth Day. The event has become popular with local youngsters and will continue on with new leadership.

Clancy also made an impact nationally after leading a successful petition that amassed more than 65,000 signatures on to promote healthy and sexually aware practices for young men playing football by educating high school coaches to be positive role models. He was interviewed on a number of news spots, including an appearance on The Today show.

At Colby's Senior Athletics Awards Presentation, Clancy earned the Richard L. Whitmore Award for demonstrating qualities of outstanding academic and athletic excellence. Clancy, a captain for the 2014 team, also earned football's Tom Austin Award for a player who embodies the values and ideals of Colby football.

Clancy served as a Colby Board of Trustees student representative, on the Executive Board of the Colby Student Government Association, and with the Colby Leadership Academy. As part of Blue Team Community for the football team, he committed 50 hours of community service each year.

Clancy earned his two All-NESCAC honors in the 2013 and 2014 seasons. He also was honored with the NESCAC Fall All-Academic honor in all three years of eligibility. Clancy was an economics major and had a minor in human development.

Despite the honors and success, Clancy had a strong work ethic. You could see him anywhere on campus from doing public address announcing at women's lacrosse games, cleaning the weight room, and driving the Jitney vehicle around campus.