NESCAC Track & Field Championships Head to Amherst

NESCAC Track & Field Championships Head to Amherst

HADLEY, Mass. - Amherst will host the 2016 NESCAC Track & Field Championships on Saturday, April 30 at Pratt Field. Competition gets underway at 9 a.m. with the men’s discus, the women’s hammer throw, the men’s long jump and the women’s 10,000-meter run. 

At the 2015 Championships, the Tufts men’s team and the Williams’ women’s team successfully defended their championship titles. The Jumbo men edged Williams, 169.33-164, to capture their third consecutive trophy, while the Eph women tallied 170 points to finish 22 points ahead of runner-up Tufts and claim back-to-back titles and their 14th crown in 15 years.

The Bates men finished comfortably in third place with 109.5 points. Middlebury, Bowdoin and Wesleyan were only separated by three points, as the Panthers tallied 73 points, the Polar Bears registered 72 points and the Cardinals recorded 70 points. On the women’s side, Middlebury took third with 98 points, well ahead of fourth-place Bates, which turned in 77 points. Amherst edged Bowdoin for fifth place with 66 points, as the Polar Bears earned 63 points.

This year’s championships will feature several new faces as 19 of the 36 total events contain previous event winners. Of the returning event champions, only two individuals have won the same event more than once. Tufts senior Mitchell Black (Brunswick, Maine) is the two-time defending champion in the 800 meters and enters the weekend with the top time in Division III, while Colby senior Alanna McDonough (Andover, Mass.) won the 3,000-meter steeplechase in 2013 and 2014. She heads to Amherst with the second-fastest time in the event behind Williams sophomore Emily Sundquist (Salt Lake City, Utah).

2016 NESCAC Track & Field Championship   
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Senior Alexis Harrison (Toms River, N.J.) of Tufts is the only competitor who enters the weekend as the defending champion in multiple events. Last year, Harrison won both the 100-meter dash and the long jump en route to being selected the NESCAC Most Outstanding Female Performer. This year, she boasts the top marks in both events, but only 0.03 meters separates Harrison, Middlebury sophomore Pippa Raffel (Palo Alto, Calif.) and Bates sophomore Srishti Sunil (Bangalore, India) in the long jump. Wesleyan senior Alexis Walker (Oklahoma City, Okla.), the 2013 champion in the 100-meter dash and the long jump, also looks to have a strong showing at Pratt Field.

The men’s 400-meter dash features the last two winners of the event as the top two seeds. Colby junior Brian Sommers (Acton, Mass.) and Middlebury junior Alex Nichols (Brunswick, Maine) crossed the finish line first in 2014 and 2013, respectively, and are seeded first and second.

The men’s 110-meter hurdles look to be one of the most competitive events of the day. A new champion will emerge from sophomore Michael Pallozzi (Sewell, N.J.) of Middlebury, first-year Joseph Staudt (North Andover, Mass.) of Bowdoin and senior Nolan Raimo (Marblehead, Mass.) of Williams, who are separated by less than two-tenths of a second. Raimo is also the top seed in the 400-meter hurdles ahead of defending champion and sophomore teammate Conor Dunham (Chicago, Ill.).

The top three sprinters in the men’s and women’s 200-meter dashes are only separated by a fraction of a second as well. On the men’s side, Trinity first-year Alex Tomcho (Windsor, Conn.) has turned in the fastest time just ahead of first-year Jimmy Martinez (Maplewood, N.J.) of Middlebury and Nichols. Tomcho also holds the second-best time in the 100-meter dash behind Williams senior Katakyie Ofori-Atta (Accra, Ghana), while Martinez is seeded third in the 400-meter dash. Senior Emily Doyle (Duxbury, Mass.) of Colby narrowly has the top time in the 200-meter dash in front of Williams first-year Denver Williams (Washington, D.C.) and Bates junior Allison Hill (Brunswick, Maine). Doyle, who won the 400-meter dash in 2013, is seeded second behind Middlebury senior Alexandra Morris (London, England) and ahead of Williams in the event. Hill also looks to be a contender in the 100-meter hurdles, an event in which she holds the best time ahead Colby junior Jenna Athanasopoulos (Fitzwilliam, N.H.) and defending champion senior Marilyn Allen (Plainsboro, N.J.) of Tufts, and the 400-meter hurdles, where she is ranked third behind sophomore Kayley McGonagle (Natick, Mass.) and junior Alyza Ngbokoli (Yonkers, N.Y.) of Williams.   

The women’s triple jump will also be hotly contested, as the top three competitors are separated by just 0.05 meters. Bowdoin senior Katharine Krupp (Carlisle, Mass.) has a small edge over Williams junior jumpers Candice Dyce (Cambria Heights, N.Y.) and Chloe Rogers (Denver, Colo.).

In the relays, the Tufts women will look to claim their fourth straight win in the 4x100-meter relay, but they will have to beat a Williams quartet that has posted the fastest time in the event this season. The Eph women also possess the top time in the 4x400-meter relay, an event they have won in back-to-back years. On the men’s side, Williams aims to win its third consecutive title in the 4x100-meter relay after recording the best time in the event. The Amherst men and Bowdoin women are seeded first in the 4x800-meter relay. 

A live webcast of track events will be available at Live results will also be available at Final results from the 2016 NESCAC Track & Field Championships will be posted at the conclusion of the meet at


100m DASH


2015-16 Top 3 Times
10.77 Katakyie Ofori-Atta, Williams

10.84 Alex Tomcho, Trinity

10.86 Thomas Miller, Tufts
2015 Champion 10.92
LaDarius Drew, Wesleyan
2014 Champion
10.96   Ethan Druskat, Colby
2013 Champion  10.92 
Bryan Holtzman, Middlebury
200m DASH    
2015-16 Top 3 Times
21.71 Alex Tomcho, Trinity

21.77 Jimmy Martinez, Middlebury

22.03 Alex Nichols, Middlebury
2015 Champion
22.05 Francis Goins, Tufts
2014 Champion
LaDarius Drew, Wesleyan 
2013 Champion
21.80 Graham Beutler, Tufts
400m DASH    
2015-16 Top 3 Times
48.00 Brian Sommers, Colby

48.85 Alex Nichols, Middlebury

49.04 Jimmy Martinez, Middlebury
2015 Champion
49.01  Brian Sommers, Colby
2014 Champion  48.66 Alex Nichols, Middlebury
2013 Champion  48.30  Graham Beutler, Tufts
800m DASH    
2015-16 Top 3 Times
1:48.60 Mitchell Black, Tufts

1:51.33 Steven Yannacone, Williams

1:52.64 Veer Bhalla, Tufts
2015 Champion
1:52.03 Mitchell Black, Tufts 
2014 Champion  1:50.84  Mitchell Black, Tufts  
2013 Champion  1:52.15  Mark McCauley, Bates 
1,500m RUN    
2015-16 Top 3 Times
3:49.97  Todd Ford, Williams 

Mitchell Black, Tufts

3:53.58 Ben Bosworth, Conn. College
2015 Champion
3:48.32 # Aldis Inde, Williams 
2014 Champion  3:54.33  Jamie Norton, Tufts
2013 Champion  3:53.46  Coby Horowitz, Bowdoin
2015-16 Top 3 Times
9:12.08 Luke O'Connor, Tufts

9:28.70 Tate Knight, Wesleyan

9:34.84 Ben Tonelli, Bates
2015 Champion
9:24.18 Luke O'Connor, Tufts
2014 Champion  9:04.93 Michael LeDuc, Conn. College 
2013 Champion  8:58.01  Jack Davies, Middlebury 
5,000m RUN    
2015-16 Top 3 Times
14:22.59 Bijan Mazaheri, Williams 

14:29.98 Dan Crowley, Amherst

14:33.76 Patrick Hoagland, Trinity
2015 Champion
14:49.47  Evan Bieder, Wesleyan 
2014 Champion  14:49.18  Aldis Inde, Williams 
2013 Champion  14:36.32 Tully Hannan, Bates 
10,000m RUN    
2015-16 Top 3 Times
29:40.46 Bijan Mazaheri, Williams

Tim Nichols, Tufts 

Allen Sumrall, Bates
2015 Champion
31:07.37 Bijan Mazaheri, Williams 
2014 Champion  30:15.63#  Colin Cotton, Williams 
2013 Champion  31:06.32  Ken Whitney, Bates 
110m HURDLES    

2015-16 Top 3 Times
14.82 Michael Pallozzi, Middlebury

14.95  Joseph Staudt, Bowdoin 

14.99 Nolan Raimo, Williams
2015 Champion
14.92  Eric Wainman, Bates 
2014 Champion  14.68 Jarret McKallagat, Bates 
2013 Champion  14.71 Kevin Chu, Middlebury 
400m HURDLES    
2015-16 Top 3 Times
53.78 Nolan Raimo, Williams 

54.17 Conor Dunham, Williams

54.37 Andrew DiMaiti, Tufts
2015 Champion
54.00 Conor Dunham, Williams 
2014 Champion  53.39  Jake Wood, Middelbury 
2013 Champion  54.09  Jabulani Blyden, Williams 
4x100m RELAY    
2015-16 Top 3 Times
41.62  Williams

42.39 Tufts

42.47 Colby
2015 Champion
42.40 Williams 
2014 Champion  42.66  Williams 
2013 Champion  42.31 Middlebury  
4x400m RELAY    
2015-16 Top 3 Times
3:20.04 Tufts

3:20.16 Williams 

3:20.82 Middlebury
2015 Champion
3:19.05 Williams
2014 Champion  3:20.89  Middlebury 
2013 Champion  3:18.24 Tufts 
4x800m RELAY     
2015-16 Top 3 Times
7:53.69  Amherst 
  8:00.88  Williams 
  8:04.86  Connecticut College 
2015 Champion 7:49.78 Williams
2014 Champion 7:46.96 #  Bowdoin
2013 Champion DNR 
2015-16 Top 3 Heights  1.98m Stefan Duvivier, Tufts 
  1.91m James Dunivan, Williams
  1.88m 4 Individuals
2015 Champion  1.98m  Youle Chen, Williams 
2014 Champion  1.88m  Taylor Shortsleeve, Middlebury 
2013 Champion  1.93m  Michael Blair, Tufts 
2015-16 Top 3 Distances 6.85m  Connor Harris, Williams
  6.76m  Christian Holway, Williams 
  6.68m  Brian Greenberg, Bowdoin
2015 Champion  7.13m  LaDarius Drew, Wesleyan 
2014 Champion  6.65m  LaDarius Drew, Wesleyan 
2013 Champion 6.84m Michael Blair, Tufts
2015-16 Top 3 Distances 14.41m  Brian Greenberg, Bowdoin
  14.06m  Jeffrey Jones, Bates
  13.91m Josh Etkind, Tufts
2015 Champion 14.35m  Aman Stuppard, Trinity 
2014 Champion 13.75m  Justin Owumi, Colby 
2013 Champion 14.47m  Gbola Ajayi, Tufts 
2015-16 Top 3 Distances 58.42m Tyler Harrington, Bates 
  56.79m James Heinl, Williams 
  56.26m  John Hillsamer, Jr., Trinity 
2015 Champion 53.17m  Nicholas Usoff, Tufts 
2014 Champion 53.62m  Atticus Swett, Tufts 
2013 Champion 57.92m  Stephen Simalchik, Williams 
2015-16 Top 3 Distances 49.23m Adedire Fakorede, Bates 
  46.56m Agbon Edomwonyi, Wesleyan 
  43.19m Nick Margitza, Bates
2015 Champion 51.06m  Sean Enos, Bates 
2014 Champion 47.07m  Sean Enos, Bates 
2013 Champion 50.22m  David Pless, Bates 
2015-16 Top 3 Distances 16.42m  Nick Margitza, Bates 
  14.47m  Lloyd Campbell, Williams
  14.47m Atticus Swett, Tufts
2015 Champion 15.72m  Nick Margitza, Bates 
2014 Champion 16.16m  Brian Williamson, Tufts 
2013 Champion 18.30m #  David Pless, Bates 
2015-16 Top 3 Distances 55.62m Adedire Fakorede, Bates
  55.38m  Nick Margitza, Bates
  53.46m Dylan Berardelli, Hamilton 
2015 Champion 62.07m #  Sean Enos, Bates 
2014 Champion 52.90m  Sean Enos, Bates 
2013 Champion 58.11m  David Pless, Bates 
2015-16 Top 3 Heights 4.70m  Pierceson Brown, Williams 
  4.51m  John Natalone, Middlebury 
  4.40m  Andrew McCracken, WES/Jared Whitman, MID 
2015 Champion 4.45m  Pierceson Brown, Williams 
2014 Champion 4.60m  Jason McCallum, Middlebury 
2013 Champion 4.45m  Wlajimir Alexis, Hamilton

100m DASH


2015-16 Top 3 Entries
11.99 Alexis Harrison, Tufts

12.36 Kennedy Green, Williams

12.46 Kathareeya Tonyai, Trinity
2015 Champion
12.04 # Alexis Harrison, Tufts
2014 Champion
12.30 Karen Blake, Amherst
2013 Champion
12.29 Alexis Walker, Wesleyan
200m DASH    
2015-16 Top 3 Times
25.32 Emily Doyle, Colby

25.43  Denver Williams, Williams

25.49 Allison Hill, Bates
2015 Champion
24.61 # Karen Blake, Amherst
2014 Champion  25.29 Annie Lynch, Williams
2013 Champion  25.08 Frances Onyilagha, Colby
400m DASH    
2015-16 Top 3 Times
57.06 Alexandra Morris, Middlebury 

57.53  Emily Doyle, Colby

57.80 Denver Williams, Williams
2015 Champion
57.49  Ellie Martin, Wesleyan
2014 Champion  57.88 Amanda Murashige, Williams
2013 Champion
57.12 Emily Doyle, Colby
800m DASH    
2015-16 Top 3 Times
2:09.93 Lucy Lang, Middlebury 

2:13.51 Laney Teaford, Williams

2:14.64 Alexandra Morris, Middlebury
2015 Champion
2:13.66 Laney Teaford, Williams
2014 Champion  2:14.62 Kallie Nixon, Bates
2013 Champion  2:13.73 Juliet Ryan-Davis, Middlebury
1,500m RUN    
2015-16 Top 3 Times
4:26.83 Anna Harleen, Williams

4:31.27 Laney Teaford, Williams

4:32.44 Victoria Kingham, Williams
2015 Champion
4:37.34  Anna Harleen, Williams
2014 Champion  4:35.55 Kallie Nixon, Bates
2013 Champion  4:35.60 Lauren Almeida, Amherst
2015-16 Top 3 Times
10:43.04 Emily Sundquist, Williams

10:47.28 Alanna McDonough, Colby

11:05.26 Lacey Serletti, Williams
2015 Champion
10:44.48 Alanna McDonough, Colby
2014 Champion  10:56.86 Alanna McDonough, Colby
2013 Champion  10:36.83 Keri Lambert, Amherst
5,000m RUN    
2015-16 Top 3 Times
17:13.57 Abigail Nadler, Middlebury

17:21.24 Adrian Walsh, Middlebury

17:26.73 Victoria Kingham, Williams
2015 Champion
17:31.82 Alison Maxwell, Middlebury
2014 Champion  17:30.26

Audrey Gould, Tufts

2013 Champion  16:59.91 Addie Tousley, Middlebury
10,000m RUN    
2015-16 Top 3 Times
36:19.86 Audrey Gould, Tufts

36:44.14 Olivia Beltrani, Tufts

37:34.40 Abigail Barrett, Trinity
2015 Champion
36:18.87 Lexi Sinclair, Amherst
2014 Champion  35:36.93 Adrian Walsh, Hamilton
2013 Champion  37:10.63 Hannah Zimmerman, Wesleyan

2015-16 Top 3 Times
14.57 Allison Hill, Bates

14.78 Jenna Athanasopoulos, Colby

14.81 Marilyn Allen, Tufts
2015 Champion
14.39  Marilyn Allen, Tufts
2014 Champion  14.74  Jana Hieber, Tufts
2013 Champion  14.81  Michele Kaufman, Bowdoin
400m HURDLES    
2015-16 Top 3 Times
1:03.58 Kayley McGonagale, Williams

1:03.95 Alyza Ngbokoli, Williams

1:04.44 Allison Hill, Bates
2015 Champion
1:03.07  Kate Kennedy, Williams
2014 Champion  1:02.70  Jana Hieber, Tufts
2013 Champion  1:02.80  Jana Hieber, Tufts
4x100m RELAY    
2015-16 Top 3 Times
48.41 Williams 

48.70 Bates

48.80 Colby
2015 Champion
48.26  Tufts 
2014 Champion  48.06 #  Tufts
2013 Champion  48.27  Tufts 
4x400m RELAY    
2015-16 Top 3 Times
3:56.84  Williams

3:57.11 Colby

4:01.62 Middlebury
2015 Champion
3:53.00 Williams 
2014 Champion  3:54.04  Williams
2013 Champion  3:51.97 #  Colby
 4x800m RELAY     
 2015-16 Top 3 Times 9:35.96  Bowdoin
  9:41.60 Williams
  9:46.44 Tufts
2015 Champion  9:15.23  Williams 
2014 Champion  9:30.22  Middlebury 
2013 Champion  9:26.19  Middlebury 
2015-16 Top 3 Heights   1.69m  Helene Hall, Williams 
  1.64m  Isa Berzansky, Colby 
  1.59m  Becki Golia, Amherst 
2015 Champion 1.63m  Hayleigh Kein, Bowdoin 
2014 Champion  1.62m  Kiana Herold, Amherst 
2013 Champion 1.65m  Colby Gail, Bates 
2015-16 Top 3 Distances 5.44m  Alexis Harrison, Tufts 
  5.43m  Pippa Raffel, Middlebury 
  5.41m  Srishti Sunil, Bates 
2015 Champion  5.65m  Alexis Harrison, Tufts 
2014 Champion  5.69m  Naomi Bates, Amherst 
2013 Champion  5.61m  Alexis Walker, Wesleyan 
2015-16 Top 3 Distances 11.79m  Katharine Krupp, Bowdoin
  11.77m  Candice Dyce, Williams
  11.74m Chloe Rogers, Williams
2015 Champion  11.67m  Jenna Wilborne, Trinity 
2014 Champion  11.50m  Jenna Wilborne, Trinity 
2013 Champion  11.25m  Brooke Johnson, Williams 
2015-16 Top 3 Distances  44.23m  Carly Andersen, Middlebury 
  40.94m  Devon Player, Middlebury 
  38.66m  Ellen Masalsky, Bowdoin 
2015 Champion  42.15m  Carly Andersen, Middlebury 
2014 Champion  41.55m  Leigh Fryxell, Colby 
2013 Champion  37.46m  Robin Armstrong, Tufts 
2015-16 Top 3 Distances 40.29m  Pamela Zabala, Bowdoin 
  39.47m  Emily Senatore, Conn. College 
  38.77m  Alejandra Moran, Williams 
2015 Champion  38.32m  Amylee Anyoha, Tufts 
2014 Champion  39.18m  Amina Avril, Williams 
2013 Champion  46.69m  Kelly Allen, Tufts 
2015-16 Top 3 Distances 13.73m  Kim Donaldson, Colby 
  11.95m  Lily Talesnick, Trinity 
  11.69m  Lauren Kennedy, Conn. College 
2015 Champion  12.05m  Bailey Conner, Tufts 
2014 Champion  13.44m  Amina Avril, Williams 
2013 Champion  13.13m  Kelly Allen, Tufts 
2015-16 Top 3 Distances 48.26m  Michaela Garrett, Colby
  46.10m Amylee Anyoha, Tufts
  45.82m Lucy Knott, Bowdoin
2015 Champion  47.61m Lily Talesnick, Trinity
2014 Champion  55.25m  Amina Avril, Williams 
2013 Champion  52.67m Kelley Allen, Tufts 
2015-16 Top 3 Heights  3.45m Kiley Kennedy, Wesleyan
  3.41m Maggie Murphy, Williams 
  3.20m  3 Individuals
2015 Champion  3.80m #  Erin Silva, Bowdoin 
2014 Champion  3.65m  Erin Silva, Bowdoin  
2013 Champion  3.65m 

Jenna Adams, Williams 

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