2017 Women's Soccer Championship Information

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Quarterfinals - Saturday, October 28
No. 8 Seed at No. 1 Seed
No. 7 Seed at No. 2 Seed
No. 6 Seed at No. 3 Seed 
No. 5 Seed at No. 4 Seed 
Semifinals - Saturday, November 4
hosted by Highest Remaining Seed
Highest Remaining Seed vs. Lowest Remaining Seed
Other Quarterfinal Winners 
Championship - Sunday, November 5
hosted by Semifinals Host
Semifinal Winners


The top eight teams in the conference will qualify for the NESCAC Women's Soccer Championship. Quarterfinal games will be conducted on Saturday, October 28, 2016 with the semifinals and championship games conducted on Saturday, November 4 and Sunday, November 5, respectively. The tournament champion will receive an automatic bid to the NCAA Division III Championship. 


Seeding will be based on final conference standings of round robin play. Standings will be based on points (3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie). The 8th seed will play at the 1st seed, the 7th seed will play at the 2nd seed, the 6th seed will play at the 3rd seed, and the 5th seed will play at the 4th seed. Teams will be re-bracketed after first round games and the lowest remaining seed will face the highest remaining seed.


Pairings will be announced Tuesday, October 25. 

Tie Breaking Procedures

Ties will be broken as follows:

Head-to-head result (if teams play each other more than once during the regular season, the game that appears on the league schedule will be the game that is counted).

If teams tied during the regular season, or there is a 3-way or more tie, the following tie breaking procedure will be used:

  • Best record among tying teams, against one another (head-to-head).
  • Best conference winning percentage.
  • Most conference wins (in games that are part of the conference schedule and count toward league standings).
  • Comparison of results of conference games played against top 4 teams (including all teams at the 4th spot).
  • Comparison of results of conference games played against top 8 teams (including all teams at the 8th spot).
  • Comparison of results of conference games played against conference teams in rank order.
  • Comparisons shall be made one team at a time starting with the highest ranked team.
  • If the tie remains after comparing results against the highest ranked team, the results against the next team in rank order shall be used. This process is continued until a winner is determined.
  • Goal differential up to but not exceeding three goals for each conference game that is part of the conference schedule (e.g., if a team wins 1-0, the team's goal differential would be +1. If a team wins 2-1, goal differential would be +1. If a team wins 4-0, the goal differential would be +3).
  • Coin flip (or similar random action involving all tied teams).

Note: In case of ties among three or more schools, the criteria above will be applied in order until a team is (or teams are) separated. At that point, the process begins anew (returning to the first criteria) with the remaining teams. The process is continued until the tie is eventually broken. In cases where only a random action will break the tie of three or more teams, the random action will be applied to all teams involved in the tie. For example, if three teams are tied and only a random action (pulling names out of a hat) will break the tie, each name will be pulled and seeded in order of being pulled. Also, in the event that there are two (or more) groups of teams tied at different spots in the standings and the only criteria left that can be used to break those ties is a coin flip/random action, the coin flip/random action used to break the tie of one group (to put teams in rank order) will not affect the tie breaking procedures of the other group(s) of tied teams.